1. Locate any FTS indexed fields instantly and remove the FTS attribute. FTS indexing can have significant perfomance impact on your ITSM application. You can run the FTS fortification but this is an simple alternative. It can also be used to quickly identify any MFS categories that have been applied across your ITSM application.

2. Check for consistent Field ID usage across your application. This can be achieved by using the FIND feature and selecting Fields Check Box. Type the name of the field you would like to review and you will quickly see whether the Field Name/ID has been used consistently across your application.

3. Locate instantly where specific constants are used in qualifications or workflow actions. For example identify where a particular value is being set or used within a query. useful for debugging CAI events. This requires the use of the cache which now caches constant values and allows you to see where all workflow objects reference them.