AI in service management: the investment case

Part 2: Self-service

There’s a revolution happening in service management as the application of artificial intelligence transforms processes and outcomes. As service management specialists, KTSL has direct insight into how the sector is changing, as well as the different ways new value will be created and costs reduced, as CTO Aaron Perrott explains.

In my last post I looked at the way AI can automate much of the traditional analysis and support provided by helpdesk staff, thereby reducing the cost of each service request.

However, to view machine learning purely in these terms is to look at only a tiny part of the picture. The scope of AI is far wider and more transformative than this, with far-reaching implications for user experience and the role of the traditional IT department.

Beyond business-as-usual

Over the last few years, the big movement in tech has been towards a self-service model. In all aspects of our lives, we’re used to searching for answers ourselves and being able to implement those suggestions.

When it works, this model is empowering and efficient. Users feel a much greater sense of urgency and control. And the reason this works is because of AI. After all, what is Google if not a massive AI engine that serves relevant answers?

The key term here, of course, is relevant. Any machine learning system is only helpful to the user if the data it’s trained on is relevant to the question being asked. A system that has applied machine learning purely on service management problems – such as KTSL’s AI Analytics – should be able to provide more accurate solutions to workplace IT questions than a more generalist system.

Specialist AI is a powerful tool in support of the self-service model, which reflects the way people increasingly interact with technology at work as well as in their personal lives. If users don’t need to log problems in the first place, then IT departments will no longer spend much of their time and effort in a fire-fighting mode.

By clinging to the view that AI is just about replacing humans with chatbots, IT departments risk not realising the full potential of the benefits of AI in assisting humans to make better decisions.

Summary: AI is not just about resolving service requests using a lower-cost alternative like a chatbot. It can reduce the need for requests to be logged in the first place.

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Aaron Perrott
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