AI in service management: the investment case

Part 3: Business intelligence

There’s a revolution happening in service management as the application of artificial intelligence transforms processes and outcomes. As service management specialists, KTSL has direct insight into how the sector is changing, as well as the different ways new value will be created and costs reduced, as CTO Aaron Perrott explains.

Over the last couple of posts I’ve outlined the impact of AI on the traditional helpdesk function and explained how machine learning can facilitate the move towards users resolving issues for themselves.

With the IT department now liberated to look proactively at business performance rather than getting bogged-down in support, can AI add value at a more strategic level?

Pattern spotting

At the heart of AI lies pattern recognition. Instead of data being forced into predefined categories before being analysed, as has traditionally been the case with helpdesk queries, the categorisation occurs after underlying patterns have been identified. AI-powered service management therefore provides more valid solutions, plus there’s the fact that machine learning can analyse a vast amount of data.

The same process of identifying underlying patterns at scale can be applied to any business issue. The data derived from service management requests can help you discover whether your IT investments are being used optimally – and what kinds of IT projects will deliver the most benefit. Wherever there’s a data footprint, AI can add value.

It’s fashionable to argue that the centre of gravity in IT departments is moving away from operations into adding business value (sometimes referred to as ExTech). AI isn’t just responsible for that shift by taking over the routine problem solving – it’s also a powerful tool for driving fundamental and far-reaching strategic change. It doesn’t just free IT teams to do other things; it enables them to perform more effectively in these higher-level roles.

Machine learning is a powerful way of working out what’s really going inside an organisation, rather than relying on misleading data or hunches. The days of businesses tying up resource on vanity projects or expensive white elephants could be over forever.

Summary: AI pattern recognition can help business more accurately analyse performance data and increase productivity at all levels of an organisation.

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Aaron Perrott
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