Alderstone CMT

Accelerate BMC Remedy ITSM Upgrades, move seamlessly to Helix or revolutionise your management of Remedy ITSM.

CMT is the world’s fastest data migration tool designed for the BMC Remedy platform. Enabling you to migrate your Remedy data to a new system in a matter of hours rather than weeks or months using conventional tools.

The huge performance advantage of CMT not only reduces the duration and the costs of upgrades and data migrations but also makes you more agile on upgrade projects.

Being able to move data quickly gives technical staff the power and flexibility to respond quickly to unforeseen issues and to keep projects on-track and on-budget.


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  • Upgrade from any ITSM version directly to the BMC Helix.
  • Migrate all of your data to the latest ITSM version in less than a day.
  • Reduce project risk and cost using CMT and Alderstone’s upgrade methodology.
  • Migrate to Helix including all your live data, so day-to-day operations are not affected by the cutover process.
  • Migrate all your historical data to Helix so you don’t lose service-critical data and can fully take advantage of Cognitive Service Management.
  • Alderstone have worked with BMC to ensure that the upgrade process is as seamless as possible.
  • Migrate an individual customer or collection of customers to the latest version of ITSM in a day.
  • Accelerate on-boarding to reduce the time-to-live by weeks.
  • Win more business by offering enhanced on-boarding for on-premise Remedy ITSM customers.
  • Consolidate platforms or migrate customers to standalone systems with complete freedom of movement.
  • Implement industrialised processes for huge costs savings and consistently high quality outcomes.
  • Archive your historical data to file, or to another database using the power of CMT.

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