The real demand for Artificial Intelligence in ITSM

 Artificial Intelligence is one of those IT buzzwords. Like SaaS or the Internet of Things, it can feel like something to be dropped into conversation rather than actually implemented by businesses.

Of course, in many areas of our personal and professional lives AI is real and powerful. But for many service management professionals, it feels like an issue for another day – maybe even another decade.

I believe that’s all about to change. For several technological and social reasons, the way users log service issues and the way organisations deal with those issues is shifting radically. 

  • The demand for instant answers

When we engage with technology in our personal lives, we expect to use natural language and to get answers served almost instantly.  But traditionally technology in business hasn’t worked like that.  The paradigm has been about working within a system, rather than getting the system to work around you.  Users no longer have the tolerance for the ‘computer says no’ approach of inflexible legacy systems.  They’re rightly asking why they should put up with processes at work that they don’t have to encounter at home.

  • The rise of self-service

From banking to booking holidays, technology has given us the ability to perform tasks simply. It fact AI is prompting us in our daily lives, or suggesting what we might need to do. People are now used to resolving issues themselves – it gives them a sense of control and is often faster than engaging with others. This is particularly true among younger generations.

  • The move towards non-proprietary tech

Legacy systems are traditionally expensive to replace and inflexible, but even large organisations are moving towards more agile, cloud-based and open-source systems, partly for the reasons I’ve touched on above.

This shift towards a more agile model makes it easier for third-party companies to offer service innovations like AI. 

  • The improvement in data

Any machine learning system is only as good as the data it’s learned from – and until recently the data has been too generalist to be applicable to ITSM. As service management specialists, KTSL only deals in service management problems. Even though we’re a fraction of the size of the big tech companies, the quality of the data our AI has been trained on means that it can have an outsized impact on your business.


The rise of AI in our personal lives has led to an increased demand for a better user experience at work, something that the systems used in workplaces can now accommodate.

At KTSL we’re working with our clients to ensure they’re ready to harness the power of machine learning to improve user satisfaction and boost efficiency. Drop me a line at [email protected] if you’d like to know more.