The second Entuity/ENMA Tech Talk of 2014 is scheduled for Wednesday, March 26th. The topic is creating views and inventory administration and you will see various ways to maximise these two areas within the product.

Entuity will illustrate modifying “regular expressions” within creating views. This new capability improves efficiency when building and maintaining Views by adding new filtering functionality that allows for easier and more accurate identification of components, including:

  • Allowing regular expression matching against device name, device description, sysLocation, sysName, and port description.
  • Adding flexibility to filter definitions, including the ability to include an IP range in each filter term.

The Device Name Alias enhancement allows displayed device names to be the same as the polled name or to be switched to show IP, hostname, fully qualified DNS name, sysName or a custom entered name. Entuity will explain benefits and how to create.

Please select the time slot that is most convenient for your schedule and register to attend.

Early session: Wednesday March 26th at 12 noon

Late session: Wednesday March 26 at 3pm