One of our partners,Entuity recently held a Tech Talk session on Enhanced Service Management, which was recorded and is available as an on-demand video.

The session focused on:

  • Creating a Service
  • Aggregation Modes
  • Sub-services
  • Event/Incident Generation
  • Multi-server Support
  • Services as Components
  • Reports and InSight Center Perspectives

The Tech Talk demonstrated how managing “by services” rather than managing “by individual devices” allows for deeper insight into the network’s business impact. In addition, the session provided examples on how Service Management is a valuable methodology for multi-server environments.

Access the video here.

The next Tech Talk is scheduled for Wednesday, March 26th and will feature “Creating Custom Views and Tips on making the most from Entuity’s Inventory Features and Reports.” Please let us know if you would like to attend.

About Entuity

Entuity is an independent all-in-one network management solution that offers network staff and management full control over their converged networks. Entuity automates network management processes in a single integrated product for inventory/topology, fault/events, port, device and flow-based performance and configuration monitoring