A quick reminder that the “Intro to Entuity 14.5 webinar” is scheduled for Thursday, July 17th.

Entuity 14.5 Highlights

  • Reporting Enhancements – new templates are available to easily customize reports for multi-chart/tables, time series tables, and composite reports. For example it is now possible to display summary information (device name, location, mean CPU percentage) alongside a chart of one or more time series values
  • Event System Enhancements — adds additional functionality with a global trigger feature and customized conditional triggers to more effectively manage events. The global trigger helps to configure the forwarding of incidents to 3rd party event managers and conditional triggers can be applied to all trigger types, including the new global trigger for more precise monitoring
  • Audit Logging — this adds the ability to track and review configuration changes to Entuity. This helps administrators meet audit requirements and also delivers useful data to support teams who can analyze changes using the web UI
  • OS and Browser Support – supports Windows 2008 and 2012 Servers, Chrome Browser and Internet Explorer support is now from version 10 and higher

Entuity 14.5 builds on the strategy of delivering the best network management solution for enterprises. Built with an intelligent, contemporary architecture, Entuity continually improves upon its product twice a year to deliver unprecedented scalability, improved operational efficiency and business focus.

We hope you can attend this event on Thursday, July 17th. Please choose the session below that best fits your schedule.

Entuity 14.5 Early Session
Boston: 8:00 AM
São Paulo: 9:00 AM
London: 1:00 PM
Johannesburg: 2:00 PM
Moscow: 4:00 PM
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Entuity 14.5 Late Session
Boston: 11:00 AM
São Paulo: 12:00 Noon
London: 4:00 PM
Johannesburg: 5:00 PM
Moscow: 7:00 PM
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