More efficient.
Improve your users’ IT support
journey with a Tech Bar from KTSL.

Why look at a tech bar?

A tech bar can provide significant benefits in terms of employee experience, reducing lost productivity and providing a unique level of customer service. It’s also an ideal solution for IT to reach the end user and can be both manned and unmanned.

What is KASPA?

KASPA is a fully configurable software application and design solution to support the build and rollout of your tech bar, in any secure location or office, or as means to assist your remote-working staff.

Why do anything?

  • KASPA significantly improves user experience by providing a tailored, easy to access centre for immediate help
  • It reduces non-working time, getting staff up and running quickly, with specialist help available – delivering a large ROI
  • Fewer calls to the service desk and centralises specialist teams (potentially reducing support headcount)
  • It gives the business a sense that IT can deliver a quick yet cost-efficient service
  • It can also drive the uptake of self-service and IT training, made available via the centralised locations

Example User Journey

KASPA tech bar user journey.

Everything’s better with a KASPA Tech Bar

Better for your users

  • Greater control
  • Tailored service
  • Quicker resolution time
  • Better user experience

Increased user satisfaction

Better for your ITSM team

  • Increased service levels
  • Reduced calls to service desk
  • Tickets automatically updated
  • Improved perception

Increased ITSM efficiency

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