One view of your data
See data from multiple sources
in one place across all your
lines of business

A single integrated interface

KTSL have rebranded all of the internal IP applications. Kimi is the new name moving forward. This will be a brand on top of our Reimagine, One Portal, Employee Management, Ecommerce and Device/App store applications. They already share the same underlying HTML 5 platform based on REST. The reasons and benefits to this are as follows:

  • One single application to market
  • Enhancements from multiple customers/applications
  • Expandable for customers to take further application modules
  • One single code base for core upgrades (.NET, Angular JS etc)
  • One product to merge into the other product IP

Ready Use Cases

We have pre-built use cases including but not limited to:

  • Joiner, Mover & Leaver (Hiring)
  • Management of multiple Service Desks
  • Multi Customer Views
  • Catalogue Management
  • Application and Device Stores

What’s Coming

September 2020

  • Grid and Detail Toggle
  • Extended Filters
  • Angular 9 Components (phased)
  • Teams/Yammer and WhatsApp Integration

January 2021

  • Increased Angular 9
  • Configurable Filters
  • Internal Ticket Handling
  • Integration into AI engine
  • Extended menu/branding control

May 2021

  • Integration into AR (field services)
  • ADFS permission control
  • Full Angular 9 Release
  • Problem Management OOTB

September 2021

  • DWPA Version
  • Configurable Fields Option

Sounds interesting, tell me more…