The specialists in service management AI

As specialists in the sector, KTSL are uniquely placed to help you cut through the hype around the technology and derive tangible performance benefits. We can help you unlock the truth behind your data and drive business improvement – quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

KTSL’s AI analytics can help you:

  • Identify and resolve service management problems more quickly
  • Get the right answer to the user, improving satisfaction and performance
  • Boost the accuracy of chatbots
  • Make decisions based on new and more accurate insights
  • Anticipate and prevent future issues
  • Reduce pressure on your helpdesk and frontline support teams

Any AI system is only as relevant as the situations it has learned from, and this is where our AI system has a real edge over other platforms.

Uniquely, our AI has done all its learning in dedicated service management scenarios, so it can spot underlying patterns with greater accuracy than more generalist systems.

Coupled with this, KTSL are service management specialists, meaning we have a sound, detailed

and practical knowledge of the issues in service management built up over 20 years. This insight,

coupled with the strength and relevance of our technology, make us the perfect partner to unlock

the real stories behind your data.

  • The UK’s only purpose-built and trained service management AI
  • Market-leading accuracy and performance
  • The expertise and insight to reveal the underlying truth in your data
  • Platform agnostic – easy implementation across any system

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