Your ITSM processes become much more efficient and your IT users’ satisfaction increases when they can go to one centralised location to solve their IT issues at a time that suits them.

A Tech Bar means a better user experience – at the same time as increasing self-service percentages and reducing call volumes to IT. It delivers targeted events data based on the user and enhances user knowledge to improve self-help rates.In short, it means giving your organisation better, more efficient, faster IT support.

Give your people the support they need

The KTSL TechBar allows your employees enhanced user experience by providing a physical one-stop shop that enables them to quickly access services, solutions and support.

With the KTSL TechBar you can:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Strengthen satisfaction
  • Increase productivity
  • Cut costs
  • Add value

KTSL AR makes booking simple – users chooses a time, confirmed by SMS and email

The user is welcomed by an engineer or avatar – face recognition identifies the user, confirms their kit and logs the service issue

With the user identified, personalised messaging can be provided from the IT team

The IT database is automatically updated, to allow engineers to start preparing a solution.

The service engineer sees the fault and full service record from the database – ensuring efficient rectification of the problem.

The user can see the status of their equipment – and know when it will be ready.

Everything’s better with a KTSL Tech Bar

Better for your users

  • Greater control
  • Tailored service
  • Quicker resolution time
  • Better user experience

Increased user satisfaction

Better for your ITSM team

  • Increased service levels
  • Reduced calls to service desk
  • Tickets automatically updated
  • Improved perception

Increased ITSM efficiency

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