KTSL Training Services

KTSL is an Authorised BMC Software Education Reseller and we provide access to the complete range of BMC education services. In addition we provide our customers with bespoke services to ensure that they are getting the best possible value from their investment in BMC Software tools.

Onsite BMC Software training

Our onsite training provides consistent, efficient training to the entire IT team. We can allocate instructors to your location and provide the hardware to run your onsite class. This offers you the benefits of a familiar location and reduced travel expenses.

Custom BMC Software training

Custom training draws on our instructors’ extensive knowledge of BMC Software technologies as well as their extensive practical experience. We take key concepts from any number of our standard courses to meet your exact need to maximise both savings and value.

Web Based training

Web based training (WBT) is the best way to get on-demand learning at the time you need it, perfect for a high level overview of BMCs solutions without travel. WBT provides access to self-paced and interactive learning anytime and anywhere, via the internet. Most WBTs include built-in assessments to test comprehension and software simulations to help you obtain appropriate feedback.

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