The goal of MonitorRemedy is to provide a visual monitor of your BMC Remedy Application’s health. Typically QA and Production environments. MonitorRemedy includes a high level view of your application’s health. A warning system function for AR System, Mid-tier or Load Balancer components of your application to indicate whether they are down or trending towards a potential issue.

This software is designed to automate migration of objects between server environments, facilitate performance improvement and enable Administrators to troubleshoot and better understand their applications.

What we Monitor

MonitorRemedy includes a high level view of your application’s health. A warning system function, AR System, Mid-tier or Load Balancer components of your application are either down or trending towards a potential issue. The product includes summary charts showing the evolution over time of the following indicators:

• Direct API response times
• Direct Query response times
• Real time licence usage
• Number of User sessions

• JVM Heap memory usage
• Permanent Generation Memory usage
• Server Physical Memory usage
• Server CPU versus GCC CPU utilisation
• Number of User sessions
* Note that current Tomcat JVM setting and startup parameters are also shown in detail..

• Email Message Processing
• CAI Events Processing
• DSO Pending operations
• Application pending events
• System Action Entries
• Real time AR System and Application licence

* Note that Licence Usage is normalised across
server groups in the case of load balancers and
Mid-Tier lifespan options.

Additional MonitorRemedy Features

Why is monitoring important ?

What really matters for your end users is the good Delivery of your IT services. To you, that means your application health is essential in order to support your IT processes. You need a Visual Dashboard that proactively highlights issues before they become serious! Setup time for monitoring tools can be time consuming. MonitorRemedy is a dynamic web application easily deployed to an Apache Tomcat Server. The configuration interface allows you to define the applications to be monitored in minutes.

Licensing MonitorRemedy

The MonitorRemedy product is licensed to be affordable across different size organisations. We license per Remedy environment. This means that if you have a traditional Dev/QA/Production Remedy environments we license per instance. That is, regardless of the number of WebServers or ARSystem Servers supporting these individual environments, we will license it as one instance.  So in the example above this is a 3 environment license.

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