We are pleased to announce the latest release of Panacea ShareRemedy – KBConnect version 3.0 has been released today. Version 3.0 has support for attachements and automated bulk imports features.


Panacea are pleased to announce the release of KBConnect v3.0.  This new release includes improvements to the Event Driven and Bulk Import functionality for SP 2010/2013.

KBConnect allows you to install and synchronise your content from SharePoint to Remedy Knowledge Management(RKM) in a matter of hours, when using the out of the box SharePoint and RKM content types.

Whether you are looking to continue to master your content in SharePoint but expose this to RKM or if you have a one-time requirement to synchronise your SharePoint content and master in RKM – KBConnect is the right tool.

The following high level steps describe the process * it may vary depending on customisation on either platform.

Choose the content document/page/list libraries from SharePoint that you would like to synchronise

Use the out of the box mapping set-up between SharePoint and RKM for standard Documents/Pages/Lists to kick start the process  and begin immediately
Configure a file to map specific SharePoint meta-data/attachments to RKM Content  based on the SharePoint  url or content type.

Run the bulk import (manually or via a SharePoint timer)

Step 4:
Re-index the articles in RKM, SharePoint content available immediately via Full Text Searching for your agents/users

Step 5:
Use Event Driven or Bulk Import process to manage ongoing changes to these articles if mastered in SharePoint, creating new versions in RKM if the item is changed in SharePoint
RKM becomes the master of the content and the Event Driven/Bulk Import process is used to synchronise any new items that are added in SharePoint.

Base Platform Pricing

£5k       Non Production Remedy  (server group)  environment
£10K     Production Remedy (server group) environment
Support is @ 20 %

The above pricing includes 1 day of remote requirements assessment by our SharePoint and Remedy team. After this point you can engage Panacea in Professional Services capacity to deliver any further required configuration or as a training partner for your internal team if this is required.

Please get in touch if you would like to arrange a Demo or have any questions, or go to :

Panacea ShareRemedy KBConnect to find out more.