KTSL R-BOT is a quick to deploy, process driven BOT based on the Microsoft BOT framework.  It provides a Process-driven conversation based on your process and requirements.

It can be SSO-enabled and links most service management tools (via Web Service).

The BOT can be Custom-skinned app (logo & colours).  Runs on IOS, Android & Windows mobile

Customer’s aims for R-BOT

Detects the query type and points people to the right information.  Handle up to 80% of Service Desk tickets within 2 years.  Uses best of breed – technology agnostic.

Typical ROI based on reducing costs through faster response, reducing number of calls to the Service Desk and improve first time fix through more accurate responses.

What is the difference between a BOT and a Chat Agent?

  • BOTS don’t just follow a script, they respond based on natural language
  • BOTS can follow multiple processes and query multiple data sources
  • BOTS can call automation and integrations during the processes
  • BOTS can self learn, therefore reducing call volume into the Service Desks

Why Do Anything?

Major improvements in AI enables chatBOT makers to create more effective automated responses

Generating increased revenues and increased user satisfaction

Increased investment in chatBOT companies, Investments grew 229% between 2015 and 2016

Main growth area is B2B, Businesses see more value in chatBOTS targeting B2B interactions

For instance, an HR BOT that can quickly retrieve internal data requests

ChatBOTS have the potential to significantly reduce labour costs.  Customer service management: 29% of US customer service positions could be automated – $23bn saving

Sales representatives: 36% of US sales reps positions could be automated – $15bn saving in salaries

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