Reimagine Solutions

We have built a framework to provision and build web, mobile and tablet applications and pages against Remedy and other enterprise systems (such as Salesforce and SAP)

What do we mean by Reimagine?

Allow your business to access it’s shared data from a single user interface. Wherever on whatever. It’s about connecting systems together to allow your users to choose the experience they want.  We have built a framework to provision and build web, mobile and tablet applications. The applications can be tailored, configured and specified to give you the functionality you need. Rather than a generic solution, we can quickly solve specific business case studies and give you control over the features you release to the business. From a basic approval or incident application right through to a complex task based, multiple entry solution, we can make Service Management look how your users expect it. With ready made connections for BMC Remedy Service Management,& BMC MyIT App Store, Reimgine has been used to provide a connected HR Joiner, Mover and Leaver process.

Why Reimagine Remedy?

Productivity is key. By utilising a single User Interface(UI) your business functions can operate quickly because everything looks the same and what they need is where they need it. This can help reduce the training requirements by making the UI so intuitive everyone can use it. With an increasingly cloud-based infrastructure, connecting systems rather than integrating them prevents replicating data over multiple systems. By simply sharing it between On-Premise, Cloud or between SAAS or PAAS reduces your overall footprint, reducing cost. Let the UI become an enabler. The basis behind Reimagine Remedy is to take the data and give it to your customers in a UI they actively want to use. This can be a Web UI, Sharepoint, IOS, Android, Windows Phone or Wearables. We can also work with you to expand the BMC MYIT offering where required or give you an App Store based on usage, not on users.

Key Features

• Sits on top of your core systems, doesn’t replace them. Let them do what they do best. Don’t make a solution do something it’s not designed for.

• Can be running quickly and simply, using HTML 5 technology. Simple to support, easy to use.

• Expandable so you can start small and grow the solution over time

• Reimagine your data in a flexible UI, delivering data to your users however your business wants to consume it


Our solutions are commonly licensed per application not per user, so once the application is configured it is not constrained by how many devices use the application or how they use it.  The product can also use the native features of the device, for example we can use the unique key to lock data down to a particular user, or use the corporate single sign on or device policies. We can engage with your designers or provide UI services using our own team.

Case Study – Software and Device Store (App Store)

Challenges : Providing a integrated App Store for Unilever to provision Software, Hardware, Peripherals and Mobile/Tablets to the business. The aim was to provide a consumer driven experience in the mould of a commercial website such as Amazon but within an internal IT budget.

Overview : Using our Reimagine Remedy technology we built an HTML 5 interface to run on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. The app store allowed Unilever to browse the catalogue and order. The catalogue was entitled by location, grade and job type. The simple interface could be navigated by categorisation, not only acting as a catalogue of new items, but also it showed the user what they currently had in terms of both hardware and software. Once the order was place the Service Request was launched. For Software deployment the install was fully automated using Microsoft SCCM, Active Directory groups via an Atrium Orchestrator interface. For hardware the tasks were created for the 3rd party vendor group to provision via an automated case exchange.

By using our cost model of a single cost for the whole application (rather than based on a per user or location basis) made the site exceptionally cost effective. The site can be maintained by a series of back end Remedy forms, utilising both the out of the box Service Request Management model and the CMDB.

The platform can support any number of language configurations (in this case 24). The data was all sourced from the core Remedy forms to give a complete end to end solution. Due to the bring your own device (BYOD) policy it needed to support all flavours of mobile operating system.

Customer : Unilever
Size : 125’000 users
Timeframe : 3 months

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