Salesforce Solution

Why Salesforce

Salesforce are providing best of breed CRM solutions within the market. We have built an interface between Salesforces application layers (Chatter, Service Cloud & Wave Analytics) and the BMC Remedy platform. Utilising our Reimagine solution we can display the Remedy Service Management Requests within the Chatter layer, providing updates back to the timeline with an interaction feed.  Allowing your users to chat/share and then request or report against your Service Catalogue.  Combining the power of the Salesforce and Remedy product sets.

Working with the Wave analytics product from Salesforce, we have created services that extract data from your BMC Remedy ITSM platform and provide this as a dataset for the Wave Analytics reporting tool. Allowing you to report across your Salesforce and ITSM landscapes for true end to end reporting, that users can control, define and utilise without IT. Harnessing the potential of the Wave Analytics cloud with your data in a controlled way.

Engaging KTSL to create integrations

We can work with your internal design teams to create the appropriate branding for the solution or can manage the design phase ourselves. Our solutions are commonly licensed per application not per user, so once the application is configured it is not constrained by how many devices use the application or how they use it. The product can also use the native features of the device, for example we can use the unique key to lock data down to a particular user, or use the corporate single sign on or device policies.

Chatter Integration

The chatter integration focuses on providing a mechanism for users of chatter to log requests and incidents from the chatter window

An html 5 interface is presented from a menu link and this shows questions, menu options and data capture required to submit the request or incident into the Service Management system.
The data capture can be controlled from the Reimagine interface which automatically generates the html 5. If you are a BMC SRM or MYIT user then any requests designed within the interface can be viewed within the html 5 chatter view. The html 5 is built for you.
If you use Advanced Interface Forms within Remedy or wish to incorporate a bespoke data capture then you can define your own questions and menu from within the Reimagine model which then builds the html 5 layer. This gives you the flexibility and the control.
For non Remedy users we can provide a pure html 5 interface to build the questions and then show them into chatter, with a webservice to then push the data into whatever core system you require (even back into Service Cloud).

Wave Analytics

Wave Analytics is powerful reporting tool, allowing your business users to create reports and use reports across the cloud, on a mobile or even on an Apple Watch.

Wave Analytics is powerful reporting tool, allowing your business users to create reports and use reports across the cloud, on a mobile or even on an iWatch. Panacea have utilised the Wave Analytics webservice to provide a mechanism to extract BMC Remedy ITSM data out of ITSM and into a Wave dataset so it can be mined and used through Wave.
We can provide the integration, the dataset and setup standard reports as part of providing the integration. A quick seamless way to combine your data into Wave and then report across your CRM and ITSM data.

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