Scapa TPP for Remedy

Scapa Test and Performance Platform (TPP) is a tool that will help you quickly identify if there are bottlenecks and other capacity, tuning, quality or reliability issues in your unique system architecture AND will also help you resolve them.

 What makes Scapa TPP different?

Scapa TPP measures the end-to-end performance of the system, from the end users’ perspective – the measurement that is most meaningful to your business operations, productivity and profits. Scapa TPP is also used for benchmarking, capacity planning, regression testing and production monitoring – all from the end users’ perspective.

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Ten Reasons to Choose Scapa TPP for Remedy and ITSM

There are many more than ten reasons to select Scapa TPP for testing Remedy and ITSM environments, but we think these are key:

  1. No prior testing experience required
  2. Speed – record and replay complex user interactions in minutes. No coding required
  3. Understand, Validate and Control – Complete Remedy and ITSM system coverage
  4. Results delivered in real time for live investigation and analysis
  5. Total cost of ownership (TCO) of Scapa TPP is low
  6. Find and eradicate Remedy performance issues
  7. Valid, valuable results using real data – not synthetic – to produce realistic results
  8. Backward and forward compatibility with all Remedy and ITSM versions, in a single solution
  9. Customisation and integration with other applications
  10. Responsive, knowledgeable and experienced support team

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