Service Resolution Smartflow

Revolutionise your approach to service resolution by bridging the gap between your network operations and your service desk.

BMC Service Resolution Smartflow allows your business to connect monitoring intelligence with your service desk to prevent or resolve issues before they affect your users. BMC gives you unmatched insight into your business.

  • Trace issues directly to their source, so you don’t have to waste time hunting for the root cause
  • Pinpoint the right resource using advanced analytics so that incidents get to the appropriate people on the first try
  • Focus your resources on issues with the highest business priority
  • Use predictive analysis to understand potential problems before they occur
  • Ensure your critical mainframe and distributed batch applications run smoothly and on time

Resolving critical issues is often time-consuming and labor intensive—but it doesn’t have to be. Service Resolution Smartflow detects issues before or immediately when they arise. Then it generates intelligent incident tickets, routing them to the subject matter expert who can resolve them fastest.

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