KTSL are pleased to announce that TekWurx has released uControl version 3.0. This release includes updates to all of the current modules and introduces uPolicy.

uMap – Build Software

With the introduction of new uMap tools, uControl now enables users to create bespoke versioned Software Instances from Discovered Services, Packages and Processes.

The created software can then be used to identify and build your service and application models or used to create an in-house TKU for software not identified by the ADDM TKU, enabling a quicker readiness for vendor / internal audits.

uMap – Extended Modelling Capability

uMap now enables users to use Packages, Services and Filesystems to identify their application.

Also, the Auto Intelligence rules of uMap help identify missed components of the application based on the user selection – ensuring that application / service models built from uMap are accurate from the moment they are defined.

uPolicy – Policy Alerting

uPolicy has been introduced to enable users to identify and export the results of breaks within their estate. Scheduling ability ensures that the data displayed is current to streamline the time it takes to resolve.

uManage – Redesigned Administrator Dashboard

Understand and identify ADDM issues and manage all your ADDM Appliances from a single view in the redesigned uControl dashboard.

Additional features

The new Appliance Data Quality tool in uManage allows you to understand the impact of a TKU or appliance upgrade before it happens. Rolling out a new ADDM VM? Get the uManage Appliance Config Clone Tool to replicate your ‘GOLD’ build configuration in minutes.
uManage now understands your ADDM v10 cluster configuration. uReport now allows you to assign reports to your users to save them the effort – they just get the email with the results – they don’t even require an account in uControl.