TekWurx have been busy delivering what our customers have highlighted as more efficient, faster and smarter ways to work with uControl and we thought it’s only fair to share this with our community.

The headline changes are:

  • Visualise your applications while you build them.
  • Build applications from multiple consolidated sources.
  • Apply contextual overlays to your application model visualisations.
  • Manage your end to end scanning – From subnet to targeted IPs.




uControl now has the ability to present you with an up to date ‘as you build’ visualisation of your application map.

Key Points:

  • View the visualisations at any step of the modelling process in uMap.
  • Print / Edit and Save your Visualisations with the Visualisation Tools.
  • Apply Overlays to highlight geographical locations or custom variables on your visualisations.



uMap has been given an upgrade. It now supports multiple data sources to build your applications from. This, coupled with the contextual overlays capability within uMap visualisations, provide a clear view of the data sources contributing to the application map.

Key Points:

  • Multiple Data Sources.
  • Gets ADDM to build all the components from each source.
  • uControl provides the overall picture of the application from all sources.
  • Visualisations allow the viewing and separation of multiple regions or network zones the application spans.

IP Management


uManage integrates with Network Provisioning systems, enabling dynamic scans ranges to be handled within ADDM. uManage also provides alerts for adds / removes in the scan range feed along with monitoring discovery for performance, errors and newly discovered devices.

Key Points

  • Manage scan schedules for all ADDM appliances from one location.
  • Automatically manage dynamic scan lists.
  • Monitor scan lists and be alerted to changes.
  • Alerts for discovery performance issues, errors and newly discovered devices.