The team at Tekwurx Software are delighted to announce their latest release of uControl, providing updates to the uMap, uChange and uManage components that provide the foundation for the uControl platform.

uControl Version 1.1 provides many new features, improved stability and greater performance.

The new features include:

  • Mainframe Integration: Ability to include mainframe components and batch jobs in the Business Service modelling framework
  • Addition of auto intelligence into Business Service mapping framework: uControl now searches for and suggests components that may belong to your service based upon pattern matching intelligence
  • Addition of auto intelligence into Application Drift management framework: uControl now identifies new components appearing in discovery that may belong to your service and alerts you to their presence – allowing you to authorise updates to your service models based upon pattern matching intelligence
  • Search & Filter: Improved ability to filter and search results and workflows within uControl
  • Multiple Service Owners: Ability to have multiple users simultaneously working on the same Business Service model
  • ADDM Performance Metrics: Discovery and performance metrics provide the ability to compare scans across multiple appliances and identify poor performance
  • Scheduled Reporting: ADDM reports can now be configured and scheduled across multiple appliances

Please contact us for more information or if you’d like a demonstration.