KTSL partner Tekwurx have released an update to the uControl suite for BMC ADDM. Version 2.0 provides new & enhanced functionality across all of the modules, including:

ADDM version support:

  • ADDM v8.x
  • ADDM v9.x
  • ADDM v10.x

uManage & uControl
Control and monitor all your ADDM appliances from a single page including being able to see in real time:

  • ECA errors
  • Appliance Baseline
  • Status of each ADDM process
  • File system monitoring
  • Service availability
  • Discovery status

Enhanced User Alerting
uControl now includes alerting for:

  • Unavailability of appliances
  • Disk space utilisation
  • Updates / changes (drift) of application maps
  • Failed / successful deployments of TPL / TKU

uManage Tools and Utilities
uManage is a central place to:

  • Monitor and check the baseline of all ADDM appliances
  • Run login credential checks on target hosts
  • Quickly identify where hosts are discovered from with a link to view in the ADDM UI

Version 2.0 is available at no charge for all customers with a current support contract.

You can find more information about uControl on our web site.