TrueSight Cloud Cost Control

TrueSight Cloud Cost Control provides visibility and control over multi-cloud costs including AWS, Azure, OpenStack, and others.

Visualize, analyze and forecast multi-cloud costs

  • Track and manage cloud costs with visibility across multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Simulate migrations and deploy the right resources at the right cost
  • Eliminate waste by optimizing resource usage and revealing unused services
  • Align cloud expenses with business needs with customized views and resource costs
  • Break down cloud costs and allocate to business owners across the organization

Analyze and forecast your multi-cloud costs

  • View actual and forecasted monthly and annual costs for AWS, Azure, OpenStack and other clouds
  • Compare on-premises and public cloud resource costs
  • Categorize and view type of multi-cloud services used and costs
  • Analyze resource usage and cost for each business service
  • Track and manage multi-cloud cost by business unit

Simulate migration of workloads and applications to AWS, Azure, and other public clouds

  • Identify resources that are cheaper to run in the public cloud
  • Determine which cloud services best fit resource needs
  • Optimize resource utilization and cost with “what-if” analysis
  • Compare monthly and annual cost of public cloud resources to on-premises
  • Export migration plans for offline discussions with stakeholders

Right-size your cloud services and costs

  • Identify idle and unused resources
  • Pinpoint most expensive resources, applications, or services
  • Determine which resources are candidates for reserved pricing
  • Analyze resources for downsizing services based on usage trends
  • Spot anomalous usage patterns that increase costs

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