KTSL Wednesday Webinar Series #5

Automated cloud and container security and compliance at scale

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TrueSight Cloud Security Webinar

Wednesday 19 June 2019 @ 1000 – 1030 GMT

This 30-minute high level online solution demo will show how your organisation can:

Automate security scans and remediation for AWS, Azure, and GCP resources with a single tool

Assess enterprise-wide multi-cloud security posture from an intuitive UI

Use extensive out-of-the-box policies from CIS (Center for Internet Security) to quickly realize value

Secure containers at multiple layers, from Kubernetes clusters down to Docker images

Filter violations by severity, platform, account, and more to remediate those with the greatest risk


TrueSight Cloud Security automates security and compliance testing and remediation for multi-cloud resources and containers, so that configurations are managed consistently, securely, and with an audit trail.


As organizations accelerate innovation in the cloud, security and compliance becomes increasingly complex. Decentralized IT spending impairs visibility of the organization’s security posture across hundreds or even thousands of cloud accounts. Similar but not identical services across multiple cloud platforms complicate the secure configuration of resources which apps consume. And widespread adoption of containers, microservices, and agile methodologies has increased the speed at which Dev teams push updates to production. These factors combine to make cloud security a perfect storm.



TrueSight Cloud Security automates security and compliance testing and remediation of cloud resources and containers. Automated remediation, via either the UI or REST API, closes security and compliance gaps consistently, quickly, and with an audit trail. Extensive policy checks verify that the containers and multi-cloud resources which your apps consume are configured securely. TrueSight Cloud Security helps to achieve and maintain security and compliance across your multi-cloud footprint.

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