uControl for BMC Discovery (ADDM) is a product that dramatically speeds up mapping of business applications, and simplifies and speeds up the administration of BMC Discovery. With uControl continually developing, it adds even greater value to customers.

Dramatically speed up Application Mapping

Reduce the cost and time in providing application dependency maps by up to 80%

  • Build maps using GUI and Forms without using code or understanding BMC Discovery
  • Allow Application Owners to map their own applications without training in BMC Discovery
  • Model an Application across all environments (Prod, Pre-Prod, Dev) in 1 action
  • Identifies Application model changes with approval process
  • Contextual overlays for Application Models (Business Information, Network Zones, Customer Boundary, Network Infrastructure)
  • Ability to enforce naming conventions for Application Models
  • Control Application Model sign off and publish to CMDB process
  • Role based access. Control who can update Applications Maps based on role
  • Audit Log, so that stages of the application model lifecycle activity can be tracked
  • Integrations with Service Desks

Simplify and speed up the Administration of BMC Discovery

Reduce the cost of supporting and managing BMC Discovery by up to 50%

  • Centralised management of all BMC Discovery appliances
  • Reduce the skill level required to support BMC Discovery
  • Automated dynamic scan schedule ranges through integration with Network provisioning tools
  • Schedule TKU / TPL deployments across all BMC Discovery appliances
  • Data Quality checking to highlight changes in data before / after changes (TKU update / Discovery Upgrade etc.).
  • Automate reporting, schedule custom reports and email reports – all configured through UI of uControl
  • Ensure that each BMC Discovery appliance is scanning, patched and operating correctly from single interface
  • Updating / deploying scans, excludes


  • Cascade BMC Discovery administration for multi-tenant deployments through localised appliance management
  • Manage multiple customer BMC Discovery environments from a single pane of glass
  • Utilise the uControl MSP capability to provide centralised management of BMC Discovery within customers that have secure / non-secure zones.
  • Ability to undertake Application modelling projects where an application model can be produced across all customers (with customer boundary overlay) while only deploying to the customer appliance the model specific to that customer.