LDAP integration for user authentication

uControl now supports LDAP for user authentication.

  • UI Driven to connect to LDAP authentication server
  • Group mappings from LDAP to uControl uManage Roles



A REST API has been made available to perform tasks against BMC Discovery appliances and to enable users or 3rd party applications to consume data held within uControl.


SSO SAML Integration for user authentication

uControl now supports SAML SSO for user authentication. the following features are available:

  • SAML Group to uControl uManage role mappings
  • Wizard based UI setup


uChange dashboard and alert classifications

The uChange dashboard has been added and for uControl administrators allows a better understanding and enhanced classification of alerts to aid resolution. The main features are:

  • uChange Administration dashboard
  • Total Drift / Change alerts Per application
  • Discovery Issues on hosts within applications
  • Applications that are waiting deployment to BMC Discovery
  • Exclude management
  • Scheduled job management for alerts
  • Enhanced data tables for easier searching / filtering of results
  • Visualisation of alerts within an application


uManage Dashboard Enhancements

The uManage dashboard for appliance monitoring and control has changed giving the following features:

  • Quick view list of appliances with availability and filesystem status
  • Online appliance total with alerting
  • enabled proxy total with alerting
  • ECA error total with alerting and details
  • Disk free space alerts with details
  • Baseline Critical / Major / Minor and information alerts
  • BMC Discovery service status
  • Multiple graphs including:
  • IPS scanned
  • DA Node summary
  • Scan Duration
  • New Hosts
  • Reboot appliance
  • Start / Stop discovery
  • Discovery Status
  • Start / Stop / Restart BMC Discovery services
  • Launch BMC Discovery UI


All the above items are filterable by selecting the BMC Discovery appliance from the quick view list.


uManage Subnet Scanning Enhancements

The uManage subnet scan process has been enhanced. Previously only responsive IP addresses from a BMC Discovery subnet scanning appliance could be used to scan on the production BMC Discovery scanning appliance.

Now, if there are no subnet scanning appliances configured within the uManage role, the subnets rather than the responsive IP address will be sent to the production scanning appliances for scanning.


uPolicy Alert Management

User ability to filter out issues from uPolicy alerts has been added – giving users the ability to ignore certain policy breaks from each category.