Addressing both your current and future business needs requires an industry leading, enterprise-wide solution that automates job scheduling in order to improve productivity, reduce costs and help ensure reliability for the business.

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With BMC Control-M you will:

  • Gain a faster, cheaper way to manage workload with an architecture that supports growth and provides unmatched integration
  • Reduce failures and delays caused by manual processes with a single, unified scheduling interface — regardless of platform
  • Eliminate your reliance on multiple toolsets and staff resources with automated scheduling processes that help you manage priorities according to business needs
  • Accelerate delivery of digital services by connecting Applications Development and IT Operations using a collaborative web application

By replacing your current scheduling solution(s) with BMC Control-M, you will:

  • Reduce costs — Lower total cost of IT and business operations
  • Reduce risk — Minimise risk due to errors and delays
  • Increase business agility and service quality — Reduce time to deliver quality services and products
  • Migrate with confidence — Minimise the risks and costs of implementation
  • End-to-end workflow visibility and control across platforms, technologies, applications and existing automation tools
  • Increase workload processing efficiency
  • Enable more users to create workflows by eliminating scripting and decreasing the specific knowledge required to automate applications

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