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We host webinars and solution demos on both BMC and KTSL products and areas of expertise relevant to the Service Management community. If you can’t make a live webinar, we’ll record it and post below so you can watch on-demand, at a time that suits you.

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Future Webinars

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Lunch n’ Learn – Build your CMDB in 12 weeks

Thursday 24th March 2022 @ 13:00 GTM

Join us for the first of our easily digestible virtual sessions – 30 minutes of lunchtime learning and networking.

 On this month’s menu:

  • How to make an effective 12 week plan for CMDB improvement
  • Options to move your CMDB maturity forward without it becoming a year-long plan.
  • Actionable ideas to ensure your CMDB keeps driving value

Plus, a free lunch for all attendees! 

Past Webinars – Watch Now!

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The Collaborative Future of Service Management

Wednesday 03rd November 2021 @ 08:30 GTM

Following the success of our last webinar we’re teaming up with ICS once again to offer another free webinar in which our CTO Aaron Perrott will look at The Collaborative Future of ITSM.

You’ll learn: 

  • How we can use predictive methods to reduce tickets before they even arrive
  • How to interpret trends and harness automation using AI
  • How collaboration will bring about a major shift in service provision, allowing you to do more, with existing resources

To join for free as our guests, click to register

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Flexible working, flexible support: How virtual tech bars and smart lockers are changing the way we work

Wednesday 24th February 2021 @ 10:30 BST

As leaders look forward to a return to normality, a hybrid model of working between home and the office looks to be the preferred option for many. We cover how virtual tech bar capabilities and smart lockers can support staff, wherever they are.

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KASPA Tech Bar Unmanned – How to use tech bar technology without human interaction

Wednesday 3rd June 2020 @ 1400-1430 BST

This webinar recording will show you how to use our KASPA TechBar space and technology to serve users even when unmanned. Learn about how digital gurus, smart lockers and quick replacements can allow you to use the space effectively and safely.

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How AI can enable collaboration as a Service Management channel

Wednesday 6th May 2020 @ 1400-1430 BST

In this webinar we will discuss how AI can be used to control and run collaboration channels such as Teams and Yammer. You will also learn how AI can read and understand your service management data and then use it to automate your collaboration channels.  Finally, you will see how AI can improve employee experience by allowing staff to self-serve using knowledge articles via collaboration and leverage these rapidly growing channels.

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This 30-minute webinar will demonstrate how advances in AI can be put to work in your service management operations. During the Webinar we will deal with some of the myths of AI and cut through the hype to show you practical, realistic and affordable use cases. We are so confident that we can make a difference to your operation that we are offering a no obligation free proof of value for our existing customers and webinar subscribers. READ MORE

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Dramatically improve your IT Service Management with KTSL Augmented Reality App. Join this online augmented reality demo to find out how ITSM processes become significantly more efficient when your engineers have instant IT InSight providing faster resolution times and reduced engineer call-outs resulting in increased employee productivity. READ MORE

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Without comprehensive visibility into multi-cloud environments, IT cannot consolidate and prioritize fixes, perform audits, or know what assets support which parts of the business. Join this online solution demo to find out how to deliver fast, accurate, and secure cloud and on-premises asset visibility with BMC’S Helix Discovery for multi-cloud solutions. READ MORE

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IT and business owners are often surprised and unprepared for the large monthly or annual expenses from cloud providers. With buyers of public cloud services throughout the organization, it is challenging for IT to keep costs under control. Join this online solution demo to find out how you can optimise the costs and fully utilise your multi-cloud infrastructure services (AWS, Azure & Google Cloud). READ MORE