Around 50% of the Fortune 500 organisations use Microsoft SharePoint for business process management, business intelligence, records management or company-wide Intranet/Extranet.

Allowing company users of a SharePoint Intranet site to access and track BMC Remedy services has obvious ROI benefits. These include reducing calls and email traffic to the Service Desk and allowing these users to access services via an interface they are more familiar with. Conversely, allowing agents who spend most of their working day in BMC Remedy to access knowledge mastered in SharePoint from their native knowledge search results in faster call resolution and increases their productivity.

So…why don’t organisations Integrate SharePoint and BMC Remedy?

From our experience it’s commonly one or more of the following:

  1. The non-availability of expensive and in-demand resources from both SharePoint and BMC Remedy teams makes even a simple integration challenging. There is often a lack of ownership over the integration as a whole and because of this the technical challenges become roadblocks.
  2. SharePoint administrators will commonly look to use the existing standard SharePoint list and form views for any integration. In certain use cases these are acceptable. However, for solutions aimed at wider, non-technical, audiences (such as presenting a service catalogue in SharePoint) these do not present attractive interfaces and provide very limited flexibility for blending into customised corporate intranet pages.
  3. Where SharePoint is a focal point for large areas of the business there will almost certainly have been significant spend on the site branding. For some examples of how “un-SharePoint-ey” sites can look take a look at the review on
  4. Unfortunately incorporating integrations into heavily branded pages will always add significant cost because it requires they use of specialised SharePoint and .NET developers, along with BMC Remedy resources, to create this seamless integration.A general perception that the integration challenges for any internal project will not be justified by the ROI or the ROI has not been articulated at all.We offer a simple, elegant solution to displaying your BMC Remedy data within SharePoint or pulling content mastered in SharePoint into BMC Remedy for use by agents.ShareRemedy Interact addresses most of the above challenges. It provides an accelerator tool that will allow even business analysts with little to no experience of either platform to create the initial integration rapidly.The customer has complete control over the final deployed, with flexibility on appearance and function using standard HTML and CSS. The solution can be seamlessly integrated into a corporate site within aggressive timelines. The solution is deployed via standard Microsoft deployment controls and can be supported by internal teams with basic SharePoint and web skills.

    We also recognise that sometimes the initial requirement is very simple and can provide tailored, cost effective, pre-packaged solutions designed to solve common use cases such as view incidents, submit an incident and approve a request.  These packages can commonly be deployed and used on a customer site in just a few days.

    Finally, we can provide real-world ROI examples for customers who have implemented ShareRemedy either in terms of increased self-service uptake or reduction in calls/emails to the Service Desk.