Analytics and Insights

Understand your IT services
and measure improvements

Quickly uncover hidden trends and patterns. Tackle actual underlying problems, increase self-service and identify automation opportunities in hours, not months. Understand and calculate your change risk to focus on the right change assessment, allowing Dev Op’s to push the business forward with the right controls.

By using our years of experience and our AI.
Through analysis and data understanding we can help build out your roadmap and measure it’s success.

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Ingest, Analyse and Report

By using our trained AI engine, we can understand, process and compare thousands of tickets a second – something humans just can’t do. This gives us a unique ability to understand the true underlying issues. This can then translate into the ‘right’ automation, the ‘right’ problems and the ‘right’ risk to address.

Using this service we’ve managed to achieve automation of over 50% of all Incidents and Requests for certain customers, by truly understanding the process and outcome needed.

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Prioritising key use cases with Service Management

Data Driven Insights

Accurately understanding end-user requests to deliver the most relevant responses to their requirements.

Deflect and Reduce incidents

  • Identify and alert of possible critical issues
  • Spot similarities among requests
  • Use natural language to reduce communication problems

Drive Better Self-Service

  • Empower end users through Teams
  • Accurate relevant knowledge articles
  • AI that truly understands requests

Optimise Knowledge

  • Improve first time fix
  • Deflect tickets
  • Reduce call volume
  • Discover knowledge gaps and duplicates.


  • Understand what to automate
  • Auto-triage tickets to correct skillset
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity

Understand Risk

  • Understand the risks with changes in your environment
  • Help reduce time spent in CAB
  • Correlation between Incident and Change
  • Focus testing on issues typically found

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