Service Integration

All we need to do is make sure
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The easiest way to provide a more integrated service to your customers is to connect your own systems together. Leverage your existing investment through integrating, to bring all of your data to the forefront.

Let’s clearly understand what’s happening, provide faster responses and better reporting. Getting everything to talk to each other is fundamental.

Everything Connected

The data flow and processes across an organisation
is critical to allowing IT to enable the business.

Integration can drive service improvement across the whole IT function. It can enable consistent reporting by creating a single accurate picture of the business from multiple sources. It drives automation, allowing one request to deliver what the business needs straight away. It can pro-actively solve Incidents or get the Incident to the right place for resolution. This drives down time to fix and makes IT an enabler and not a blocker to the business driving forward.

At KTSL we have integration solutions across any scale or size. By using either our own KIMI integration service, or through our partners at BMC and Jitterbit for Enterprise scale control. We can enable that seamless transition efficiently. We have 100’s of ready made integrations we can deploy. With expertise to deliver them quickly. We provide the services both as a subscription model or as part of our professional services. We’ve been integrating for over 25 years and it’s core to our business model. We want our customers to be able to use that experience to bring about measurable improvements across IT Service Management.

Create a Single Pane of glass

Once the systems are connected it’s also important to be able to gives users one place to update and management one place to visualise what is happening

We can provide interfaces and dashboards which sit on top of the integrations to make this straight forward to use and consume. Simplicity is key to encouraging the business to engage in using service management. If I can go to one place and get what I need straight away then I am going to go back use it again. This can be achieved through visualisation, integration and automation.

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